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Win Myanmar Typeset package

Win AmaraPura Font:

Win BeikThaNo Font:

Win Dagon Font:

Win Dawei Font:

Win Haka Font:

Win Innlay Font:

Win Innwa (with bold) Font: This is the font you can download FREE!

Win Innwa070%, Win Innwa080%, Win Innwa090%, Win Innwa110%, Win Innwa120%, Win Innwa130% Fonts:

Win Kalaw Font:

Win KyaukMae Font:

Win KyaukTan Font:

Win KyeMone Font:

Win KyineTone Font:

Win LarSho Font:

Win Loikaw Font:

Win Magway Font:

Win Mandalay Font:

Win Mawlamyine Font:

Win MeikHtiLar Font:

Win MoneYwar Font:

Win Monotype (with bold) Font:

Win MonotypeNew (with bold) Font:

Win MyitKyiNa Font:

Win NyaungShway Font:

Win PaAnn Font:

Win PaThane Font:

Win Pyay Font:

Win PyinMaNar Font:

Win Researcher (with bold) Font:
This is the typical typeface endorsed by the Myanmar Commission.

Win SaGaing Font:

Win SitTway Font:

Win ShwayBo Font:

Win TaungGyi Font:

Win TaungNgoo Font:

Win ThanLyin Font:

Win ThanDwe Font:

Win ThuWunna Font:

Win Typewriter Font:

Win WingDings Font:

Win Yadanapone Font:

Win Yangon Font:

Fonts Included in this package are:

  1. Win AmaraPura Font
  2. Win BeikThaNo Font
  3. Win Dagon Font
  4. Win Dawei Font
  5. Win Haka Font
  6. Win Innlay Font
  7. Win Innwa (Normal)
    This is the font you can download FREE!
  8. Win Innwa (Bold)
  9. Win Innwa070%
  10. Win Innwa080%
  11. Win Innwa090%
  12. Win Innwa110%
  13. Win Innwa120%
  14. Win Innwa130%
  15. Win Kalaw Font
  16. Win KyaukMae Font
  17. Win KyaukTan Font
  18. Win KyeMone Font
  19. Win KyineTone Font
  20. Win LarSho Font
  21. Win Loikaw Font
  22. Win Magway Font
  23. Win Mandalay Font
  24. Win Mawlamyine Font
  25. Win MeikHtiLar Font
  26. Win MoneYwar Font
  27. Win Monotype (with bold) Font
  28. Win MonotypeNew (with bold) Font
  29. Win MyitKyiNa Font
  30. Win NyaungShway Font
  31. Win PaAnn Font
  32. Win PaThane Font
  33. Win Pyay Font
  34. Win PyinMaNar Font
  35. Win Researcher (Normal) Font
    This is the typical typeface endorsed by the Myanmar Language Commission.
  36. Win Researcher (Bold)
  37. Win SaGaing Font
  38. Win SitTway Font
  39. Win ShwayBo Font
  40. Win TaungGyi Font
  41. Win TaungNgoo Font
  42. Win ThanLyin Font
  43. Win ThanDwe Font
  44. Win ThuWunna Font
  45. Win Typewriter Font
  46. Win WingDings Font
  47. Win Yadanapone Font
  48. Win Yangon Font

Price: US$199+Postage

  • 3 dozen fonts
  • keyboard driver for typing all patsint characters
  • 5 year free upgrade to all new fonts available


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