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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How much is it? I'm interested.
    • Yes, there are currently 2 packages we offer:
      • WinMyanmar Office: US$ 10
        • 10 fonts
        • keyboard driver for typing all patsint characters
      • WinMyanmar Typeset: US$100
        • 3 dozen fonts
        • keyboard driver for typing all patsint characters
      • Order now!
  2. I have a trouble downloading fonts!
    • Most browsers will display a SAVE FILE box, even though some browsers will just load up some garbage on your screen. In that case, just hit "Ctrl+S" and save it as the same name: winnwa.ttf.
    • Remember! Don't forget to install it afterwards.
  3. I have a trouble installing fonts!
    • If you are using Windows95,
      • press/click the START button
      • choose SETTINGS
      • choose CONTROL PANEL
      • open FONTS folder
      • open FILE menu
      • choose INSTALL NEW FONT
      • give the appropriate location of the font you saved
      • hit OK
    • If you are using Windows 3.x,
      • run CONTROL PANEL
      • choose FONTS
      • choose ADD
      • give the appropriate location of the font you saved
      • hit OK
    • If you are using Macintosh,
      • drag the downloaded file
      • drop it into font folder under system folder
  4. Some characters do not appear using Word?
    • Sometimes, you'll have a few problems, using MS-Word, such as typing DaDwe and DaOutChike, red and green underlines, etc. If so, here is the solution.
      1. Download from here..
      2. Find a file, named "", which is usually in c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates, in your computer
      3. Then replace it. Done!
  5. Where else can I ftp WinInnwa Font?
  6. What are Hardware requirements?
    • 286 or better PC
    • hard disk
  7. What are Software requirements?

    • Microsoft Windows 3.0 or better for PCs
    • System 6 or better for Macs
  8. How many people are using it?
    • According to some market survey, more than 90% of serious users use Win Myanmar Systems, while only about 65% of non-serious users and home-users uses them. As it is the only system common in all governmental organizations, the use of it has spread worldwide.

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