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WinMyanmar Systems has been providing language solutions to Myanmar in various ways. It became the de facto standard language system for their reliability, compatibility, and user-friendliness, since over 90% of serious users and 60% or normal users use them.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Our earliest product was called 'Pioneer Myanmar Font' which we exhibited on 13 Mar 1992, as "the first multi-purpose Burmese software for MS-Windows". It was known as the first multi-purpose Burmese software, and became a milestone in the country's computer history.


 (compatible with Windows 1.04 to Windows 3.11)

Pioneer Myanmar Font was only a scalable stroke-font, so that it didn't look beautiful. Windows' fonts at that time were not as good as those of today, because Microsoft has not licensed the TrueType technology from Apple yet.

Keyboard layout of Pioneer Burmese  Font was as same as that of the conventional Burmese Typewriters. Its typing method has been used for a long time ever since Burmese type-writers were invented in the early 1900s. Thus, this typing method is the most common and well-established in everyday-life of the Burmese office work.

Pioneer Burmese font was later replaced by WinTypewriter Font. The output of this font looks really like that of the regular Olympia Myanmar typewriter.


Available Myanmar/Burmese Fonts

  1. Win AmaraPura
  2. Win BeikThaNo
  3. Win Dagon
  4. Win Dawei
  5. Win Digital
  6. Win Haka
  7. Win Innlay
  8. Win Innwa (with bold)
  9. Win Innwa070%
  10. Win Innwa080%
  11. Win Innwa090%
  12. Win Innwa110%
  13. Win Innwa120%
  14. Win Innwa130%
  15. Win Kalaw
  16. Win KyaukMae
  17. Win KyaukTan
  18. Win KyeMone
  19. Win KyineTone
  20. Win LarSho
  21. Win Loikaw
  22. Win Magway
  23. Win Mandalay
  24. Win Mawlamyine
  25. Win MeikHtiLar
  26. Win MoneYwar
  27. Win Monotype (with bold)
  28. Win MonotypeNew (with bold)
  29. Win MyitKyiNa
  30. Win NyaungShway
  31. Win PaAnn
  32. Win PaThane
  33. Win Pyay
  34. Win PyinMaNar
  35. Win Researcher (with bold)
  36. Win SaGaing
  37. Win ShwayBo
  38. Win SitTway
  39. Win TaungGyi
  40. Win TaungNgoo
  41. Win ThanLyin
  42. Win ThanTwe
  43. Win ThuWunna
  44. Win Typewriter
  45. Win WingDings
  46. Win Yadanapone

Available 7-Major Nationalities Fonts:

  1. Win Kachin
  2. Win Kayah
  3. Win Kayin (Karen) [applies to Sagaw Kayin and Poe Kayin]
  4. Win Chin
  5. Win Mon [applies to Ancient Mon]
  6. Win Shan [applies to Modern Shan and Ancient Shan]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  2. I have a trouble downloading fonts!
  3. I have a trouble installing fonts!
  4. Some characters do not appear using Word?
  5. Where else can I ftp WinInnwa Font?
  6. What are Hardware requirements?
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